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The subject matter of this website is primarily centered around the role suffering plays in being conformed to the image of Christ, Php 3:10,1 Pe 4:12&13. The subject matter of this website also delves into the salvation process by grace and how we are being justified and sanctified. The articles should ideally be read in succession, as the subject matter of the earlier articles, sets the stage for understanding concepts contained in the articles that follow. Due to nerve damage in my left hand that inhibits typing, I am not a prolific writer. So even though this website is in a blog format, I don’t use it as such. I don’t publish articles all that frequently and the 30 or more articles contained in the website, represent years of work. I published the articles in a specific linear fashion, so as to present my understanding of the role suffering plays in salvation process, in light of scriptures. Hopefully in a organized and understandable manner. I would like to thank Gary for establishing a link to my site on his website. And gladly return the favor.